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Enable Your Knowledge to grow your business

​​Comprehensive learning management solution with a ​wide range of unique​ features​​ and flexib​ility for every business learning scenario​.

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Build Your Sustainable, Measurable Advantage:
Your Organizational Knowledge

  • Promote secure knowledge exchange for both formal & informal content : Users become part of social knowledge communities enabling sharing and tracking of critical business information, that otherwise might be lost.
  • Align learning with corporate and organizational goals: Build your own measurable competencies that can be tied to training programs for career path & overall generic proficiencies and visible ROI
  • Utilizes emerging learning technologies: Harness visionary proprietary technology to bridge individual knowledge gaps with automatically generated filtered content & program wizard
  • On the job training: One on One Observable task evaluation, surveys, assessments and coaching mechanisms to capture knowledge gained in the field

Our Features

Career Path

Facilitate professional growth/development and employee satisfaction through career path generated learning.

Competency based learning

Build unique organizational competencies, tie them to your content, & measure human capital.

On the Job Training

Facilitate, track and analyze results of one on one supervised tasks for on the job learning and assignments.

Easy User Management

Create unlimited amount of users groups and administrators. Track, archive and retrieve all user activity including deactivated users.

Social Interaction

Promote knowledge sharing by creating gated knowledge communities that enable just in time performance support.

Assess & Certify

Test your users as part of their training to adhere to any legal or business requirements. Innovative creation of knowledge assessment ensures full engagement.

Survey & Poll

Tap into the minds and opinions of your employees, customers and partners. Analyze results to gain critical information both from users and external survey participants

Blended Learning

Invite users to external event trainings, attach related documentation, conduct webinars through platform to your learning audience.

Robust Course Management & Authoring

Easily upload your content of any format (including Scorm) build custom courses, pop up assessments, & task sets.


Cloud based platform, no setup fee or installation, api’s for system integration.

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