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Feature List

Basic Basic Extended Ultimate
Registered Users 50 300 500 1000
User Groups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Administrators Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Content Upload Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Access to ExploreGate’s free Content Hub
ILT Management
Assessments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Social Module
Extended Enterprise –
Customers & Partners
Multiple Language Support
Human Capital Development
SCORM Support
Transcripts Support for Video Content
Support Email Email Email + Phone Email + Phone
Reporting Standard Reports Standard Reports + 1 Customized Standard Reports + 3 Customized Standard Reports + 3 Customized


What makes ExploreGate unique?

We offer an innovative “one-stop shop” approach to the corporate training market. Our customizable online training solution blends expert content with learning management and social tools to provide personalized corporate training anywhere you are .
Our expanding Content Marketplace currently offers more than 2,000 crowdsourced video lectures on a wide range of topics, created by industry experts from around the world. Our groundbreaking Content Request feature allows users to request specific content that is not currently in the Marketplace. Additionally, our community of experts offer premium content in the form of seminars to enrich any training program.
Our monthly Basic and Business subscription plans include access to the entire library of professional training content in our Marketplace , or choose the Ultimate subscription plan to get unlimited access to all of our premium content in the Marketplace.

What does ExploreGate Premium content include?

ExploreGate offers premium content in the form of seminars. Each seminar is an in-depth investigation of a particular - topic, with varying lengths of expert video content. Individual seminars can be added to any training program for an affordable price, or unlimited access to all seminars is included in the Ultimate subscription plan.

How often does ExploreGate add new content to the Marketplace?

ExploreGate content is crowdsourced from our growing global community of industry experts, who add new material to our library on a continual basis.

What do you mean by “360-Degree Knowledge Delivery”?

We believe that the most effective training programs address the internal needs of your organization, from your employees to management, as well as the needs of your external customers, partners, and distribution channels. The “Include Customers & Partners” feature of our platform enables you to create and deliver custom training programs to external parties. This way a company can keep its entire ecosystem in the knowledge loop at all times.

Is my proprietary training content safe with ExploreGate?

You can safely combine your own videos and files in the Private Zone with our expert content to further customize your training programs. Our administrative controls allow you to set permissions so that only authorized users can access any piece of content, and all content uploaded to the Private Zone remains exclusively for company use. Thus, ExploreGate allows you to create a truly personalized training solution.

How do I build a customized training program?

With our easy-to-use interface and features, you can create your personalized online training program in a few simple clicks. Build different programs for each subset of participants (ex: employees, customers, partners, distribution channels), or define a preset training program for a designated purpose (ex: onboarding new employees, product demonstration for customers) and authorize individuals or groups to access the program. Plus, assessments can be customized for each program, along with criteria for certification.

How many training programs can I create?

Our subscription plans allow you to build unlimited custom online courses for any purpose.

How many authorized administrators can I have?

The account creator acts as a SuperAdmin for your organization and can define and authorize an unlimited number of Admins and SuperAdmins for your ExploreGate platform. Administrators can develop, lead, and participate in unlimited training programs for participants or groups. SuperAdmins have the highest level of authorization with access and authority to modify databases, and appoint other SuperAdmins.

How do I track my custom training programs?

Your administrator dashboard gives you access to standard system reports that include details about users, user groups, training program progress, completion levels, and more. Some of our subscription plans offer in-depth, customized reporting and analytics.

What are the system requirements for ExploreGate?

All you need is an internet connection to access our innovative SaaS platform. There is no costly installation or integration required. Simply register for an account and log in with your user name and password to start building your custom training environment instantly.

I don’t need a credit card to take advantage of the 14-day free trial?

We offer a full 14-day trial of the ExploreGate LMS platform completely free of charge with no obligation, and no credit card required. The free trial is available for both our Basic and Business level subscription plans (see our Pricing page for details).

What is your “Enterprise” offering?

The ExploreGate team consists of technology and management professionals with years of industry experience across multiple disciplines. Our Enterprise offering leverages our comprehensive expertise in corporate knowledge delivery to tailor an online training solution that meets the unique requirements of your organization .